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Visit Himachal for 9 Devi Darshan Tours

"Himachal for Devi Darshan Tours"

Himachal Pradesh is the real epitome of nature which is blessed with serenity and mesmerizing scenic beauty, its flowing rivers, waterfalls, ice-capped mountains and sprawling meadows over the mountains makes the place complete paradise, this is the reason Himachal is considered as most favorable destination to visit. Himachal is the biggest spot for the pilgrimage also and this divine land is blessed with many auspicious religious places.

Himachal is a diverse place which has a blend of wide variety of flora and fauna. For visiting Himachal divine beauty one must try Hire Himachal Taxi Service because we provide you an affordable and comfortable ride. We offer very flexible packages to the customers for visiting any part of the Himachal. For visiting religious places we have special packages for the pilgrims.

Every nook and corner of the Himachal is blessed with many amazing spiritual places and we help you to be a part of it by providing you a peaceful and memorable ride for Chintpurni, Jwala Ji, Chamunda Devi, Naina devi, Jakhoo Temple & Chaurasi Temple and many more. Himachal is considered as “Dev Bhoomi” which means land of god. The pleasant atmosphere of these places will definitely remove your tiredness and will cherish your mood.

Visit Top Five Religious Places in Himachal

Chintpurni is the sacred temple of goddess Chinnamastika which lies 55km away from Una district, this ancient temple has an old story, it is believed that when lord Vishnu dismembered the dead body of Goddess Sati then her body parts got scattered into different parts and then feet of the Goddess fell in this shrine place. Every year people from different parts come here to pay their obeisance and they take the blessings of the Chintpurni Devi. People hold a view that Chintpurni Devi vanish all the worries of her devotees and fulfills their all desires. This ancient monument is beautifully designed and has gold plated from the center. Himachal Car Rental Service offers you exotic ride of the Chintpurni with very feasible price.

Jwala Ji
Jwali ji temple is one of the significant shaktipeeth which is 34 kms away from Kangra district. This temple is a mystery for the whole world as it contains nine natural fire flames which come out from the rock. These eternal flames lighten continuously and history reveals that a shepherd first saw these flames and then he informed King Akbar and then he decided to build a temple there. Many stories are linked with this temple. Many people tried to off this eternal flame but they failed even scientists are not able to reveal the mystery behind this and they are also amazed with this magic. Many people believe that Mata Shakti’s tongue fell on this place. People have strong faith on this temple and every year fairs are also organized over here.

Chamunda Devi
The cosmic shrine of the Chamunda Devi lies 10 km away from the Palampur, temple is surrounded with the picturesque hills of the Palampur which mesmerizes the heart of the people and becomes the most fascinating destination. It is believed that 400 years ago king of the region asked Mata to move to an accessible place then she agreed to him and came in her dream and told her establish a temple in the place where he would find his idol then the king did so. This beautiful temple besides Baner River looks adorable and you should not miss the charming sprawling tea gardens near the hills.

Naina Devi
Naina Devi is also one of the 51 shaktipeeth and people have faith that Maa Shakti’s eye fell on this place. This sacred place came into existence when a king in the 8th centaury named Raja Bir chand built this temple. Pilgrims come here and take the blessings of the mata. Naina Devi temple lies 70 km away from the Bilaspur.

Hidimba Temple
A legendry spiritual place blessed with beautiful scenic beauty around it lies in the foothills of the Manali. This place has an astonishing view from the outside which is built outside a cave. Goddess Hidimba showers her blessings on her deities and makes their life happy. She saves them from all the problems and worries. Long deodar trees beautify the place and make it the perfect place to capture in camera.

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