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Kullu -The valley of Gods

"Kullu manali volvo package"

Rich in history and cultural heritage Kullu,with an average altitude of 1200 meters, nesteled in valley that is sheltered by the pir Panjal and the greater Himalayan ranges. This valley has facinated generation of sages,scholars,artists and travellers.

Can one gather any richer experiance than to be in”Kulantpitha” end of the habitble world as Kullu was known to early historians. Snow melt waters drain gently by into beas river, hospitable people live in harmony with their environs,and gaity and celebration mark the passing of seasons in this land of the Gods. Kullu valley known for its cottage wool weaving industry,The Kullu Shawl and Kullu Caps are worn the world over and have come to associate a brand identity with the valley. The Kullu Dueshra is a week long festival celebrated in autumn. It is a special occasion and an opprtune time to witneess different shades of the valleys vibrant culture


Places to see in Kullu





The small,sacred and precious idol of Lord Ram housed at a temple in sultanpur. It is very close to the royal palace at is the presiding deity of the valley where all devtas (village Gods) of the region do come to pay their obeisance.

The temple is believed to have been constructed in 1660 AD. The story goes that the idol was brought fro Ayodhya, the birth place of Lord Ram, Raja Jagat Singh, The king of Kullu, only after drinking the holy water dropping at the feet with whoch the idol was washed. It is believed to have obliterated a curse that he was living under. Having been responsible for the death of Durga Dutta, a brahmin. he was cursed with’whenever you eat, your rice will look like worms and water will apper as blood’. The king gained his freedom from it after the Raghunath idol was brought fro Ayodhya and installed at Kullu.

Kullu Dussehra


"Kullu Dueshara"

“Kullu Dueshara”

Riding in a ratha(a wheeled chariot), the Raghunath idol is brought out on Dussehra to mark the start of week log festival. Carried in palanquins by bare foot villagers from far off places in the valley, more than 300 Devtas do assemble at dhalpur ground to receive the hand pulled chariot of Raghunatah. In the evening cultural evening are held where international troups put up performances. The kullu Dueshra has been accorded an international festival status.

Kullu Palace


"kullu manali"

“kullu manali”

Close to the temple at Sutanpur is the rupi palace which is used as a residence by the erstwhile royal family of Kullu. The palace is adorned with fine wood carving and the interiors contain a good collection of pahari miniature paintings that are charactererized by simple rural scenes with lack of human subject.

Bijli Mahadev Temple

"Bijli Mahadev"

“Bijli Mahadev”


At a Commanding elevation of 2460 meters, the Bijli Mahadev temple is just 14 km. south-east of kullu. The last 3 km. to the temple from mansari village is an uphill trek. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple houses a natures wonder. A towering stone slab, representative of a Shiva Linga here is a shattered each time lightning strikes in the area for one bolt invariable hits the miracle slab. The stone column is resurrected each time by the temple priest. Located on a ridge, the wide view from here spreads out over Kullu and Manikaran valleys. Palani falls, a popular picnic spot,is just 6 kms. From bijli mahadev temple.

Places to stay


In the heart of kullu, Hotel Sarvari and a little away from the town, at shastrinagar is hotel Silvermoon which are run by Himacahl Tourism. There are number of private hotels,guest houses and homestay’s also available at Kullu Valley.

Nearest airport

Bhunter is the nearest Airport from kullu. It is 10 km. before from main kullu market. One can easily come here from delhi.

Shoppers Kullu


"shopping in kulu manali"

“shopping in kulu manali”

Kullu is famous for a wide range of Handicrafts,Wollen garments and metel crafts. Mufflers,wollen socks,pashmina shawls,kullu caps/shawls,Tibetian carpets and Thangka paintings are popular shopping and souvenir items.