For a one-week trip to Rajasthan, you have several itinerary options to explore the diverse attractions of the state. Here are some suggested itineraries:

a. 2 nights Jaipur, 1 night Jodhpur, 2 nights Jaisalmer, 1 night Jodhpur, 1 night Udaipur: This itinerary allows you to visit the vibrant markets and historical sites in Jaipur, explore the majestic forts in Jodhpur, experience the desert charm of Jaisalmer, and enjoy the lakes and palaces in Udaipur.

b. 1 night Jaipur, 1 night Jodhpur, 2 nights Udaipur, 1 night Ranthambore, 1 night Jaipur: This itinerary covers the major cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur along with a wildlife safari in Ranthambore National Park, offering a mix of culture, history, and nature.

c. 2 nights Jaipur, 1 night Bikaner, 2 nights Jaisalmer, 1 night Jodhpur: This itinerary focuses on exploring the desert cities of Bikaner, Jaisalmer, and Jodhpur along with the cultural attractions of Jaipur, providing a glimpse of Rajasthan’s diverse landscapes and heritage.

Each itinerary offers a unique blend of experiences, from exploring historical forts and palaces to enjoying desert safaris and boat rides on picturesque lakes. You can customize the itinerary based on your interests and preferences to make the most of your one-week trip to Rajasthan. If you need more details or assistance in planning your itinerary, feel free to ask!